Dec 5

How to keep carpets healthy and happy

A new carpet is a great investment that should give you many years of pleasure. People expect a good return from a new carpet though so we thought it might be useful at Glenwood Flooring to provide a bit of practical carpet care advice.

  • Give it a good vac: One of the best ways to keep the fibres of your carpet in fabulous condition is to give it a good vac at least once a week to remove everyday debris. Even if you stop people wearing shoes in the house there are still plenty of other dirt particles that are ready to ruin the look of the carpet. Spend time with the vacuum cleaner going up and down the fibres of the carpet and pick up pet hair, crumbs and general dirt and grime that gets trampled in your home.
  • Invest in a door mat: If you have carpet in your hallway lay a ‘welcome’ mat at the door and ask people to wipe their feet before they enter your home. Not only is this respectful, it’ll prevent your hall carpet from getting a hammering and reduce the amount of soiling on the flooring.
  • Tackle spills straight away: It might look like a disaster if you spill red wine on a carpet but act fast and you can save the day. Grab a kitchen roll, speed back into the lounge and use as many sheets as you need to absorb most of the liquid. This will soak up most of the stain and you can remove the rest with an approved carpet cleaner, try a decent shampoo or something similar, just make sure it’s safe to use on your carpet type and dab it on, don’t scrub, or you could ruin the fibres.
  • Have a professional clean: Steam cleaning or shampooing restores and regenerates carpet so try to get your flooring professionally cleaned once or twice a year. Not only will the carpet look better, it’ll smell fresher and the cleaning will remove bugs and bacteria at the same time.
Created on 5th December 2013
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