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How to prevent or remove furniture dents from carpets

Heavy furniture is the natural enemy of carpet, sofas, table legs, sideboards and media consoles like to leave their mark in carpet where they can. Prevent this by trying some of our tips, or remove dents in carpet by following our handy hints.  

Buy furniture coasters: One way to stop large indentations in your carpet is to buy custom coasters that pop under the feet of furniture. Place the wheels of sofas inside castors and this should prevent serious dents by spreading the load.  

Make your own: Or make your own carpet protectors using small off-cuts from any spare carpet you have left over. Simply create little squares of carpet to place under the feet of furniture and that will protect the main carpet underneath.

Steam clean the carpet: Steam cleaning is good if you already have a few dents in the carpet. Steaming gradually lifts the imprints and it gives your carpet a healthy new look as well.

Try ironing the affected area: This isn’t as crazy as it sounds as long as you take care. Use a damp towel to cover the affected area then iron over the top of it. The steam from the iron works in the same way as a steam cleaner, just be careful and check the fibres as you go along.

Use ice cubes: Another old wives’ tale is to place ice cubes inside the indentations then let them melt gradually overnight. Use a brush on the area once the ice cube has melted and the dent should disappear.

Be a tease! Gently tease the fibres of the carpet to gradually raise them back up. It takes a while but it’s worth the effort, just take things easy and give the carpet a really good vacuum afterwards to coax the fibres up even more. Good luck!

Created on 13th January 2014
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